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Welcome to Jury Rig Software, a first class provider of specialist computer software middleware. Our passion is to help you make the best applications possible. Our software is designed for all platforms and comes with a fantastic support service.

All our team have game development backgrounds, and therefore understand how important it is that middleware is high quality and high performance. Unlike other middleware companies we respond to your needs - if you want a new feature just ask!

Jury Rig Software is committed to being the best. This shows in their friendly, responsive staff who take suggestions to heart and are eager to assist with troubleshooting and optimization. Elephant and Goldfish were straight-forward to integrate and have provided effective trapping of bad accesses and a goldmine of information about our game's memory usage.

Shawn Leaf
Studio Technical Director
n-Space, Inc.

Our products:

Goldfish Timeline Elephant Memory Manager is a league apart from your average memory manager. Originally designed for games, Elephant serves as a complete replacement to your applications memory allocator, including C style malloc and free and C++ new and delete. Elephant won’t forget your memory and just in case you need reminding Elephant comes with Goldfish, our tool to track every single allocation. Goldfish helps to find those leaks, track that pesky bit of fragmentation and even discover the memory you never even knew you lost. Want to know more? Click here.